We are motivated by the belief that free transfer of knowledge and software is fundamental for free markets and freedom of people. 

Open source aficionado

Smoose is an open source company in the Netherlands that provides open source (F)OSS solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the area of office automation. Smoose and her sister companies (the Monkeytail Group) are able to deliver a fully operational IT-stack and meet client needs and expectations. We can integrate business software, provide infra, deliver productivity suites and deliver these locally, hybrid or totally cloud-based, using the hosting services of a related company. As we also believe in solutions based on customer intimacy, the Smoose service desk is geared up to provide high-end service every day.


Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

We live by open source

Smoose is operating purely based on open source. Not as a side activity, but we totally live by it. We are motivated and convinced since the start (2012) of our company that transfer of knowledge and software has to be free to ascertain free markets and free people. This means that the systems we use ourselves and the systems we deliver are based on open source. It is our way of living. In the organization where Smoose is part of, multiple companies work together to support our mission. Each with its own specialization and expertise.

We are using Ubuntu, Zimbra, Kopano, Samba, FreeIPA, Nextcloud, LibreOffice, Odoo, GNOME, Matomo and more.

Are you willing to pick up the open source challenges with us and thousands of other contributors?